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Vorname Mabel
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Geburtstag (Alter) 10.08.1964 (53)
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Land Hong Kong
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The purpose of an optical Lens would be to absorb divergent light that is made up of light rays going in all directions and to concentrate this light producing a convergent beam of light rays that come together.
Optical lenses have been used by industries for industrial, imaging and defense purposes. There are many optical lens manufacturers, as seen in the examples below.

Dynasil's Optometrics

Dynasil, Newton, MA, is an International supplier of optical components. What makes this company unique, is the optical components are custom made for their clients' specifications. Dynasil also manufactures other products like optical thin film, beam splitters (split light beams), and wire grid polarizers.

Edmund Optics

Edmund Optics, Barrington, NJ, manufactures a selection of products which are off the shelf. Optical lenses. There is no waiting to get a needed optical component such as an Achromatic Lenses or Aspheric Lenses. Lenses can be found with many coating options for such spectrums as visible, Infrared or Ultraviolet,

Special Optics

Special Optics, Denville, New Jersey, is a Navistar company. Special Optics, produces, develops and designs high-precision optical parts. It's the place to go for optical fabrication and optomechanical capabilities. Their products offer a standard catalog Optics with a client focus on custom designs.

Global Precision Optics

Global Precision, Ayer, MA., family owned venture, has been operating for twenty five years and is now a manufacture of Night Vision Optical components for the United States Government. They're regarded as a leader in the production of glass and Plastic lens. In addition they have a specialization in the production of prototypes.

OPCO Laboratory

OPCO, Fitchburg, MA has More than forty years of optical design. OPCO solves the challenges of Spectrometer design. A spectrometer is employed for the measurement of the wavelengths of light. OPCO's markets comprise the Life Sciences, defense, and Aerospace.
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